View our wide selection of styles and materials for windows and patio doors.

Styles and Materials

No matter what your personal style, we make a window that will bring it to life. Ply Gem Windows come in a wide variety of looks, offer a host of options and use a broad range of materials. You can pick the features you love and design a window masterpiece that’s entirely your own, one that reflects your personality and your home’s style.



Architectural Shape A variety of shapes and configurations of shapes are available.
Bay Bay windows are comprised of three or more windows, typically featuring a large center unit and two flanking units.
Bow Bow window features four or more window units in a radial or bow formation.
Casement & Awning These hinged windows come standard with a sash that cranks outward.
Fixed Fixed windows are stationary windows that provide additional light into the room. These can be combined with a number of operating windows for beautiful style for any home.
French Inswing Patio Door These doors provide classic style and unbeatable performance wide stiles and rails coupled with 1 ¾" door panels to give you a true French look.
French Outswing Patio Door These high quality doors provide classic style with wide stiles and rails for a true French look.
Single Hung These windows come with one vertically-sliding sash in a single frame.
Sliding Patio Door These doors provide a gliding panel to allow easy entry and exit to any home.
Horizontal Sliding Window These windows offer a horizontally-sliding sash in a single frame.
Standard Patio Door These doors offer a gliding panel to allow easy entry and exit to any home.





Aluminum Clad Clad in extruded aluminum is a material option that won't ding or dent. Extruded aluminum is more durable and increases the structural integrity of the products. Offered in combination with both Vinyl or Wood interiors.
Vinyl Vinyl offers homeowners with long-lasting, weather-tight material for extended performance and beauty.
Wood Wood offers homeowners traditional looks with natural wood finished interiors that are ready for paint or stain to match any décor.