For one week 10,000 volunteers worked around the clock to build Seven Houses in Seven Days for Seven Families.

Rebuilding Joplin

Just after 5:30 p.m. on May 22nd, an F5 tornado nearly three-quarters of a mile wide roared through the city of Joplin, MO. Within minutes, the most destructive twister in more than 60 years destroyed one-third of the town and killed more than 160 people. The town of Joplin had suffered a crushing blow.

Almost immediately, Joplin residents started thinking about how to rebuild and who better to call on than Ty Pennington - the man whose team has brought hope to hundreds of families. Each week, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (EM: HE) delivers hope and a fresh start  - exactly what Joplin needed - to desperate families . Fortunately the much-loved television show responded positively and planning began. Ty and his team answered the call in a big way – it would not just be one house in one week. Instead, the show pledged to build seven houses in seven days – the largest project they’d ever attempted.

As the EM: HE producers started planning for the epic event, they worked with a regional building products distributor who recommended the one company they knew would be able to deliver the necessary variety of home exterior looks for such a large-scale project: Ply Gem. For weeks prior to the build, Ply Gem worked with EM: HE to create a neighborhood of seven uniquely-different, custom  houses – based on the personality of each family -- using The Designed Exterior as the way to bring all of the necessary colors and textures together. 

For one week 10,000 volunteers worked around the clock to build Seven Houses in Seven Days for Seven Families (the weeks’ theme). These families would finally have houses to come home to after several months of trying to make due living with friends and family.

And, each home – from the Cabin, Beach and Eco houses to the Chic and Modern , Craftsman and Bohemian – would  beautifully fit the personality of its owner.

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The Designed Exterior™ by Ply Gem

Through The Designed Exterior™ by Ply Gem you can create an architecturally-accurate style by combining materials, colors and textures that suit your individual taste and preference.

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