You'll enjoy seeing how - in just three weeks - this outdated 1970's house located near Washington D.C. was completely remodeled.

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Home Remodel Case Studies: Virginia

In suburban areas all across the United States there are countless neighborhoods - built in the 1960s, 70s and 80s - that desperately need to be updated. Architecturally they lack style and character; what’s more, homeowners are spending a significant amount of their budget dollars on utility bills and maintenance because their outdated windows, siding and other materials are not energy efficient.

Such was the case in Alexandria, VA. Typical for its neighborhood, this 1972 two-story home was missing personality and individuality. More importantly for the homeowners, the materials were failing.  Windows were inefficient -- difficult to clean and many were inoperable; taped shut to prevent further damage. The decades-old aluminum siding was faded and provided only minimal protection from the outside environment. Likewise, soffits and vents were outdated, preventing proper air circulation.

Case Remodeling – a leading Washington DC-area remodeling company and recipient of the 2011 Designed Exterior Giveaway - awarded the much-needed prize to the Alexandria homeowner and deserving retired Lt. Col. Gary Gaal and his wife (Gary is an extraordinary citizen who has spent more than 19,000 hours volunteering in his community).

Using The Designed Exterior Collection as a guide, Case met with the homeowners to review their choice of options. While the shingle-style home design was their preference, this modest couple was anxious about the color and materials selections – would they be too dramatic? And, how long would the makeover take to complete? Thanks to Ply Gem's ease of installation, the pair was able to stay in their home during the renovation process, to watch the progress first-hand.



By adding a simple gable and front portico, which required no disruption to the roof structure, the house began to take on a completely different appearance. In less than a month, this average – almost forgettable-- looking house was completely transformed.  From siding and stone, to replacement windows and accessories, the Gaal residence became a model of the beauty and efficiency that can be achieved when you choose to stay put and invest in updating the house you call home.
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